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As promised, another update on the novel I'm writing ;)

This morning the wordcount reached 42.787 words which means that I'll probably reach over 43.000 by the end of the evening since I have still another writing session planned.
I'm about half way through the story I guess... My characters have this 'quest' of fulfilling nine tasks and I'm about to start the sixth one together with them. After all the tasks, there's of course an epic end battle and after that a nice epilogue with a hint to the next book. It's so awesome to see my progress! For once I'm not writing out of the blue but with a structured plan.

I also printed out the first six chapters for my mom to read since she demanded to be my beta. I can't help to feel nervous though... Everything I wrote so far for my novel, has only been seen by my eyes (technically eye) and now I'm sharing it with the world. The fact that it's my mom who reads it as first, adds somehow to the nerves. I guess it's something psychological about not wanting to disappoint your parents or something...

I know I've been a bit mysterious about the whole story of my novel since I'm scared for thieves who are too lazy to come up with their own story... But I decided to share some things with you....
- The series (all six books that I hopefully end up writing one day) is called 'Muse Academy' which is a big hint for the story line. Of course every book will get a subtitle.
- It's the adventure of nine main characters, but since it's written in the I-form, you'll see the whole thing play out through one of their eyes.
- It features Greek Mythology, and next to a group of Sirens led by three sisters who are Sirens as well, also three dragons sneaked into the story. Two of them live further as statues (long story) and the youngest one lives in its minimalized form in the fireplace of the school.

That's about it I guess... Hope I'll have more news to share with you soon! :huggle:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey! My name is

Things you got to know about me?
:bulletpurple: My birthday is on the 16th of december.
:bulletpurple: I'm studying to become a teacher Dutch/English.
:bulletpurple: Nicknames I go by are Meag, Megs, M&M and in some (high suger related) case Megsie!
:bulletpurple: Thanks to my brother I'm a huge pokémon, yu-gi-oh, bakugan,etc fan
:bulletpurple: I'm one of those girls that's addicted to gaming
:bulletpurple: My favourite hobby (besides writing) is archery
:bulletpurple: My favourite superheroes are Hawkeye from Marvel and The Green Arrow from DC-comics
:bulletpurple: Friends and family are everything to me
:bulletpurple: Photography is also one of my passions
:bulletpurple: Thanks to my cousins I'm interested in wicca (yes I'm a witch)
:bulletpurple: Fire is my element
:bulletpurple: My best friend is the opposite of me
:bulletpurple: I'm a very romantic soul
:bulletpurple: I'm also a spiritual person
:bulletpurple: I have something with weapons as swords, knives, fans, sai, bow and arrow,... (everything except guns though I can appreciate them too)
:bulletpurple: I have blue eyes and long brown hair
:bulletpurple: My mom says I'm addicted to writing
:bulletpurple: I love to dance
:bulletpurple: I can't sing but I still do it
:bulletpurple: Just the same with drawing
:bulletpurple: My constellation is Sagittarius
:bulletpurple: I love tigers
:bulletpurple: When I was little I got cancer. Eyecancer to be precise. Now I'm actualy half blind but to me it don't feels like that because I never knew I could see with two eyes. (Was barely one year old when I was operated)
:bulletpurple: I'm afraid of spiders and bugs and deep water cause I can't swim
Other questions? Just ask.

Things I'm a huge fan of:
Star Wars, Star Wars the Clonewars, Avatar, Yu-gi-oh, Yu-gi-oh GX, Bakugan, Pokémon, The Power Rangers, X-men, Winx Club, TMNT, Kingdom Hearts, Ben 10, Twilight, Eragon, Merlin, Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Buffy the Vampireslayer, Bones, The Mentalist, Castle, Hawaii Five-O, Criminal Minds, Shark, Smallville, Supernatural, Kyle XY, One Tree Hill, Angel, The OC, CSI (all but especialy NY), NCIS (both but most LA), Leverage, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sanctuary, Harry Potter, the Secret Circle, Nikita, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The legend of Zelda, Assassins Creed, anything related to the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Cirque Du Freak, I am number four, The Finder, Clash/Wrath of the Titans, The Hunger Games, and much much more...
I have a little brother. He's the reason I like so many programs.

I support Starbreese! - STAMP by Autor52

Demi-girl by FlameFireheart Daughter of Demeter by Alaenakins

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You're welcome! I love your art ^^
You've been to Belgium only two weeks ago? Which places did you visit?
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