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Art features!!! (closed)

Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:49 AM

1. For each of the first 10 people answering this journal, I will feature them in this journal with my five favourite deviations from their gallery. (Of course you need to have at least 5 deviations in your gallery...)
2. If you're featured, you need to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (in this case me) at the top and then adding your 10 features.


1. :iconblessyo4:

Chloe Bennet | Skye / Quake by blessyo4 Where No One Goes | Toothless by blessyo4 Assemble! by blessyo4 The suit and I are ONE. by blessyo4 To the Opera! by blessyo4

2. :iconpjofan22:

Zola Woodman, Daughter of Demeter by PJOfan22 Odessa Moore and the Golden Apple CH1
 A Quest

    Odessa Moore prepared herself for the last blow. She leaped high into the air and brought down her sword onto the manticore. The manticore bellowed in fury as he crumbled into yellow dust, leaving the smell of sulfur behind.
    She heard clapping behind her, and turned around to see who it was. Nathan Lasky stepped over a root as he made his way to Odessa, pushing a branch out of his way.
    "Nice job, Dess," Nathan said in his Texan accent. "You make a great hero." He gave her his favorite lopsided grin.
    Odessa rolled her eyes. "You would, too, Nate." Odessa confessed.
    "Well, I—" Nathan paused. He pushed Odessa behind a bush as the sound of crunching leaves and snapping twigs came toward them.
    Suddenly the crunching stopped. Odessa gave Nathan a questioning glance, and he shrugged.
    "Boo!" Odessa jumped as hands grabbed her s
Demigod Powers (and Items) by PJOfan22 Nathan Lasky by PJOfan22 Thalia Grace, Hunter of Artemis, Daughter of Zeus by PJOfan22

3. :iconragemoon:

Christmas Eve At The Marcos (Part One)Angelo's POV
Watching my breath crystallize in the cold weather I wait for Sita to appear. My Grandmother wants to meet the girl that has changed my life so much. I sent an Iris message to her and told her that the tickets would be waiting for her. She had decided that I was going to finish off my last year of school in military school.
For once I was glad my hair was short enough for their standards. Standing on the platform waiting for the buses to arrive. One of which would have Sita inside it's huge shape. I adjust my black pea coat. One of the better things about military crap I had to deal with was the coats. I love the coats. The coats where in a style I adore.
The buses arrive, and I watch the people disembark. My eyes scanning for her. I am nervous. I have yet to tell her that Grandfatehr has decided that we could share my room. I do not know how she is going to react to that. Scanning the crowd, I spot her before she sees me. Sometimes being ta
OptimismKillian's POV
Killian looks across the camp where he still does not feel at home. He knows how his father must have felt. Even though they both knew they were accepted they could feel the underlying nonacceptance of what they where. Both he and his father were necromancers for lack of a better term. They could control and raise the dead.
He felt a hand tighten on his shoulder. He turned to look it was his newest friend, Sunny. Which considering she was a child of Apollo and the adopted daughter of Will Solace. This was an odd friendship. Their fathers had dated for a small bit or at least had a flirtation. Neither one had gotten a straight answer from their parent when they had asked.
“Why don't the others see the lies that this camp is founded on?” Killian looks over at the child of Apollo.
Sunny smiles and her smile lights up her face. “Because they do not want to. Most do not see it. It is most likely a combination of the blood in yo
Wild West Demigods Chapter 1: GraceNico's POV
Scanning the ahead I frown. Looking over toward Jason, “Why are we doing this?” A few of the others snorted at me. I was probably the only man here that did not care if the whores ran away. Not like they had such a great life in that brothel. Their life was bad from what I had seen of their living conditions.
So I still do not understand why we are chasing runaway women. Not like a gentleman will marry a girl who's been whoring for her bread. Most will not. Makes me angry. Most of the time it is not the girls faults, yet they bare the stigma for it. I eyed my battle brothers; Angelo, Luke, Frank, Leo and Percy.
Jason looks over at me. “Because they owe the owner of the brothel money for debts.” He said matter of fact. Sometimes I think my friend was too trusting of shady ass characters. I do not believe for a moment that these women owed that place anything.
“I do not believe they do.” Everyone looks at me.
Future Demistories: BabysittingKillian's POV
My siblings and Zoe's siblings are being extra annoying today. I cannot believe what they are singing. I mean really? The Kissing song. I am just stupifid for the moment to react to them. Zoe seems to be feeling my own reaction time. We both are staring at them.
“Zoe and Killian sitting in a tree..” They all teasing in sing song voices. “K. I. S. S. I. N. G.”
“Enough!” Zoe growls. “Grab them they cannot sing underwater.” Our siblings did not know what hit them. We grab them up quickly. Into Zoe's room and her fish tank which strangely enough can hold all of them and us in with room to move. In the tank we shove them, slam the top down and lock it. Our siblings are pointing at us and glaring. We both just smile. “We locked them in. They wanted to see us kiss.”
Zoe smirks at me. She knows what I mean. They were asking for it. She kisses me. We both look at the tank and our sibli
Prizes Part OnePercy Jackson's POV
We file into the arena in Olympus city. The boys and I were tired. Well I was I am assuming they must be too. We just finished a hugely important quest for the noble half of our parents. We have an odd standing in our society. I mean that. Odd standing. We are the children of very powerful nobles. Yet we are also children of the common folk here in the capital city of Olympus.
This odd status has grated us a life full of quests and monsters to fight. I am not sure how much I like that but what can you do. I did not choose this life. I was born to it.
They sit there looking at us, our noble parental halves. Soon came a handler with a line of girls wearing long white dresses. They follow him and stood in a line. Each wore a collar with the symbol of delta on it around their necks. They did not have any expression on their faces. It was hard to believe that they were real.
We stood in a line looking up at them and our parents on the tall

4. :iconthe-stalker-muffin11:

Charmander!!!!!! by the-stalker-muffin11 CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! (A Cincinno) by the-stalker-muffin11 StalkerI am your most attached companion
You never leave my sight, nor I yours
But you don't know, you don't want to know
Who I am, it doesn't matter
I am the shadow that follows you
Blending in with darkness, the bane of existence
Hiding amongst the trees, watching
Your every move, every step, every glance
I am the one you fear most
My fingers reach toward you, so close
Yet so far, but—oh, your glare burns like fire
So I look away and reach upward, toward the clouds
I know who you are
Everything about you is stored in a place
So far away, but you don't know
Who I am, it doesn't matter
I have seen you before
I am lurking in the dark
And when your fear finally envelops you
You will find me gripping your chin
    And smiling triumphantly
     Like a successful s
Over the WallHe stumbled forward, not caring if he were to survive or not. After all, God chose everyone’s fate, didn’t He?
All he needed was to pass on the message, and his job would be done. His life meant nothing to no one, and he was just a mere messenger who could be replaced in a snap. He wouldn’t’ve had a wife and kids if he were given a choice, so he had decided to stay a bachelor.
He knew this career was perilous. He knew that there might come a day—when he took the career—that would never allow him to come back for good.
And today could quite possibly be that day.
“Anyone—please—someone! I have a message—it’s very important, the kingdom is in danger, I need—”
He looked up into the sapphire sky, his warm brown eyes full of sad knowing. “Please, the fate of the kingdom lies in these words!” the messenger pleaded with the world, with fate, for the kingdom he served.
“Help me save our home! This is
Zentangle of my SHOE!!! by the-stalker-muffin11

5.  :iconmazzafeme147:

Shouldn't have to hide (quicksilver x reader) 1/4
You sat up with a gasp. Something was outside. Lots of somethings.
You leapt to your feet. Someone was trying to get into the house, and they weren't being quiet about it. You kicked aside the mess of clothes on the floor and crept out the door and down the hall. You crouched low and peeked between the bars of the railing. Your foster father came running out of his room at the same time. He gave you a look, gesturing for you to go to your room. You glared at him, and he sighed before going down the stairs and going to the door.
"MRD! Open up!" The shout came from behind the door. Your eyes widened as your foster father opened the door. If the MRD was knocking on the door in the middle of the night, that could only mean…
"What are you doing here?" You heard your foster father ask.
"We have reason to believe that you have an unregistered mutant living on the premises." The officer snapped. He waved a hand, and at least a dozen armed soldiers pushed their way in
Beta (Isaac x Reader) teen wolf fanfiction 1/6
You ran through the woods, pushing aside the branches that grabbed at your hair and clawed at your face. You breathed heavily, forcing air into your screaming lungs.
Your legs burned, blood seeping sluggishly from a wound in your thigh. Your throat stung, and the arrow sticking out of your shoulder burned as you pumped your arms, trying to gain that extra ounce of speed that would let you escape the men pursuing you.
Their ATVs crashed through the forest behind you, unhindered by the multiple arrow and bullet wounds, caring nothing for stealth or subtlety. They knew they had you, and it was only a matter of time before your body gave out.
You knew you only had seconds left. With a last burst of strength you launched yourself up, locking your hands around a low-hanging tree branch, and dragged your limp body up into the tree. You pulled yourself up so you were roughly 15 feet in the air before allowing your body to go limp against the tree trunk. You prayed that the early fall leave
Nightmares (Isaac x Reader) teen wolf oneshot
Nightmares (Isaac x Reader) oneshot
Isaac rolled over in bed, sliding his hand up your bare arm. You sighed, snuggling into his chest. He traced simple designs on your shoulder and back, feeling the smooth skin under his fingers. Your fingers slid up his stomach, sliding across his side and over his back.
He propped himself up on one arm. "Hi beautiful. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."
"Hmm," you blinked slowly. "Hey puppy. No, you didn't. I've been up for hours." You yawned.
He smiled. "Really?"
"Mmhmm" you mumbled, snuggling deeper under the covers and pulling the strap of your tank top back onto your shoulder.
"So you meant all the stuff that you were saying earlier?" Isaac asked innocently.
"What?" You asked, your eyes snapping open. "What did I say?"
"Oh nothing." Isaac lay back down, rolling over.
You grabbed his shoulder, leaning over him so that you were hanging off the bed, your face only inches from his. "Isaac Lahey, you tell me what I said or so help me god I will
Liquid gold by mazzafeme147 You Have Me (Isaac x Reader) teen wolf fanfiction
You Have Me (Isaac x Reader)
You woke up with a gasp as something hit your arm. You sat up and saw Isaac thrashing around, trapped in a dream. Your eyes widened as his arm hit the headboard of the bed, cracking the wood. He whimpered and flailed, muttering as cold swear glistened on his bare chest.
You shook his shoulder roughly, trying to wake him up. "Hey, puppy, it's okay." You whispered, trying to get his attention. "Wake up."
"I'm sorry, it's not my fault, I can't fix it, no please, help me! Help me please! Let me out!" He shouted, shuddering and gasping. His claws snapped out, and when he swine his arm they scraped across your bicep, drawing blood. The wound began to close immediately, but you worried that he could hurt himself if he didn't wake up.
You used your body to pin him onto the bed. Your face was inches from his, and your legs pinned his arms to his sides. Your hands were on his face as you struggled to wake him.
His eyes snapped open.
"(Name)!" He cried, scram


6. :iconnewbiedoodles:

Day 15 - Party by NewbieDoodles Day 3 - Constellations by NewbieDoodles Day 4 - Robin by NewbieDoodles Day 18 - Batman by NewbieDoodles Day 14 - Words by NewbieDoodles


7. :iconrealthreemusketeers:

Power Rangers Samurai  Next Generation by RealThreeMusketeers Rotg Oc Holly Phelan by RealThreeMusketeers Rotg Oc  Aviva Laverne Spirit Of Spring by RealThreeMusketeers Rotg Oc Amethyst Meadows  Mother Nature by RealThreeMusketeers Aria Colored by RealThreeMusketeers


8. :iconjoanaferreiraart:

.:Dracula: After the Battle:. by JoanaFerreiraArt .:OC: Nexus:. by JoanaFerreiraArt .:XMen: Black Phoenix is back:. by JoanaFerreiraArt X-MasGift12: X goes for Xavier by JoanaFerreiraArt X-masGift: LoveRockNRoll by JoanaFerreiraArt

9. :iconsamtheelf:

Sit Min-Tae, Sit by SamTheElf Call of the past by SamTheElf D'Artagnan by SamTheElf More than one secret Chapter One
         Aramis’ POV.
“Heat. Flies. Boredom.” started Porthos on the left of me as we stood in a line with Athos on the other side of Porthos joined by D’Artagnan. “I do so love parades” he then added. Yes a parade for the Duke of Savoy… Savoy the place were 20 of my friends, 20 Musketeers were attack and killed 5 years ago. To this day I still don’t really know what happened that night. It was cold, there was a woman and then the killing. “You know, I’m thinking about fainting just to do something.” I heard Porthos say as he still talked to Athos. Why? Why did it happen that night? And why do I have to stand here now and act like it never happen or make it look like I have gotten over it.
“What’s wrong with him?” I heard Athos ask and saw from the corner of my eyes how Porthos looked at me then back to Athos. “Did you forget about the massacre at Savoy?” Porthos re
A Cold Past 3 by SamTheElf

10. :iconviperpeggy:

39. Angel (Johnny StormXReader)
"Seriously! Out of all of the kids you pick THAT ONE?!"
"Johnny, it's just for two hours, you'll be fine." You responded.
"But WHY that kid? He's disrespectful and hates me."
"Jackson doesn't hate you, he just hasn't bonded with you yet."
"Yeah, whatever. He hates me. I know it. I can see it in his eyes."
"No he doesn't, he's just a bit adventurous, that's all. You have to keep him busy, otherwise he gets bored."
"He gets bored a lot then. Because apparently he thinks putting glue in my hair is funny and then breaking every piece of pottery in the house when I'm taking a shower."
You raised an eyebrow. "Seriously, Johnny? When has he ever done that?"
"Whenever you're not here! It's like being locked up with a demon when you're gone!"
"Whatever, Johnny. Jackson's sweet…you're just being delusional."
"Maybe I'm not the one being delusional." He muttered, but you were oblivious to what he said.
"I'm going to go get him now, and we'll be right back."
"Don't hurry." He crossed his arm
Artemis by ViperPeggy Get Back Up (ClintXReader)You turned away when I looked you in the eye,
And hesitated when I asked if you were alright,
Seems like you're fighting for you life,
But why? oh why?

"Are you okay?"
You hesitated slightly. "I'm fine, Clint, really!" You pressed on, not meeting his gaze, and hoping he wouldn't come after you. Unlucky for you, he did.
Wide awake in the middle of your nightmare,
You saw it comin' but it hit you outta no where,
And there's always scars
When you fall that far

"Hey!" He grabbed your arm gently. "You woke up in the middle of the night. Did you have another nightmare?"
After the incident with HYDRA, you had a restless sleeping habit that had grown day after day. You would've been dead if Carl hadn't saved you...sure he may've been a retard sometimes, but he really cared about his teammates. He took bullets for you...even though you weren't exactly close with him. Rumor had it that Carl did have a crush on you, but you were with Clint, his fiancé, actually. You thought of
Day 19- Peter PevensieXOC (Nixie)Nixie’s POV
   I was on the surface, resting on a big rock nearby the water, playing the split ends in my long dirty blonde hair. When I was bored with looking through my hair, because it was literally almost perfect (I was just blessed with that kind of hair), I started fingering through my hair. Then, I felt this scary feeling that I was being watched, and I looked up at the castle’s balcony of Cair Paravel. Sure enough, I saw High King Peter looking out at me, when our eyes locked, he smiled was adorable.
   But yet, I still panicked, I slammed my body back into the water, making my tail and fins flail and flop in the water, and submerged deeper into the ocean. When my heart decided to stop pounding, I stopped swimming and resided there, watching my shimmering purple-blue tail bend back and forth. I sighed out loud, thinking how I was burdened with staying in water forever.
   My head shook from side to side, as if shaking the
Day 12-Casey RhodesXOC (Peggy James)Peggy's POV
I continued to work in my dad's pizza parlor, kneading the dough continuously until I thought it was ready. That's when I rolled out the dough into a circle, and put on all of the sauce, cheese, and fixing. Just as I finished putting the pizza on the board and picked it up, Casey came over and stole it from me.
"Whoa, let me at that. You don't know how to use the ovens." He teased.
"Shut up, Case." I counter-attacked.
He half smiled as he put in the pizza and waited by the oven, he leaned up against a wall and crossed his arms. "So how do you like working here, Peg?"
I shrugged. "It's better than what I was doing before..."
"What did you do?"
"I didn't have a job...I had track, which is far worse when the coach is a jerk."
"Sorry to hear that."
I shrugged again. "It's not a problem, anymore. It's over."
"Good for you. Do you still run?"
"Oh, yeah, I run...a lot." I brought out some more dough and started repeating the process I originally had.
"For fun or..."
"I guess you c

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starbreese's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey! My name is

Things you got to know about me?
:bulletpurple: My birthday is on the 16th of december.
:bulletpurple: I'm studying to become a teacher Dutch/English.
:bulletpurple: Nicknames I go by are Meag, Megs, M&M and in some (high suger related) case Megsie!
:bulletpurple: Thanks to my brother I'm a huge pokémon, yu-gi-oh, bakugan,etc fan
:bulletpurple: I'm one of those girls that's addicted to gaming
:bulletpurple: My favourite hobby (besides writing) is archery
:bulletpurple: My favourite superheroes are Hawkeye from Marvel and The Green Arrow from DC-comics
:bulletpurple: Friends and family are everything to me
:bulletpurple: Photography is also one of my passions
:bulletpurple: Thanks to my cousins I'm interested in wicca (yes I'm a witch)
:bulletpurple: Fire is my element
:bulletpurple: My best friend is the opposite of me
:bulletpurple: I'm a very romantic soul
:bulletpurple: I'm also a spiritual person
:bulletpurple: I have something with weapons as swords, knives, fans, sai, bow and arrow,... (everything except guns though I can appreciate them too)
:bulletpurple: I have blue eyes and long brown hair
:bulletpurple: My mom says I'm addicted to writing
:bulletpurple: I love to dance
:bulletpurple: I can't sing but I still do it
:bulletpurple: Just the same with drawing
:bulletpurple: My constellation is Sagittarius
:bulletpurple: I love tigers
:bulletpurple: When I was little I got cancer. Eyecancer to be precise. Now I'm actualy half blind but to me it don't feels like that because I never knew I could see with two eyes. (Was barely one year old when I was operated)
:bulletpurple: I'm afraid of spiders and bugs and deep water cause I can't swim
Other questions? Just ask.

Things I'm a huge fan of:
Star Wars, Star Wars the Clonewars, Avatar, Yu-gi-oh, Yu-gi-oh GX, Bakugan, Pokémon, The Power Rangers, X-men, Winx Club, TMNT, Kingdom Hearts, Ben 10, Twilight, Eragon, Merlin, Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Buffy the Vampireslayer, Bones, The Mentalist, Castle, Hawaii Five-O, Criminal Minds, Shark, Smallville, Supernatural, Kyle XY, One Tree Hill, Angel, The OC, CSI (all but especialy NY), NCIS (both but most LA), Leverage, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sanctuary, Harry Potter, the Secret Circle, Nikita, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The legend of Zelda, Assassins Creed, anything related to the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Cirque Du Freak, I am number four, The Finder, Clash/Wrath of the Titans, The Hunger Games, and much much more...
I have a little brother. He's the reason I like so many programs.

I support Starbreese! - STAMP by Autor52

Demi-girl by FlameFireheart Daughter of Demeter by Alaenakins



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