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A Zutara fanfic

A strange family

Zuko walked through the empty halls of the Fire Nation palace. He stopped to look at one of the pictures on the wall. It was a groups painting of the Gaang who stopped the war. Zuko smiled. Eight years had passed since that day and everything had changed so much. The twelve-year-old Avatar on the painting was now a full grown man who lived with his fiancée at the Western Airtemple. That fiancée was no other then Toph Bei Fong. After the war she had helped Aang to rebuild the Airtemples. One day, Zuko just recieved a letter saying that he and his family were invited to their wedding. Zuko's eyes trailed of to the boy and the girl in the middle of the painting. Sokka and Suki. He still couldn't understand what Suki saw in an idiot as Sokka. 'Be nice.'Zuko thought. 'He's still your brother-in-law.'. Now he looked at the beautyfull watertribe girl on the painting. Her ocean blue eyes stared at the boy beside her. His golden eyes stared back at hers. Katara. His love, his princess, his wife, his Fire Lady. The mother of his two-year-old son. The one he almost died for. Today the old Gaang would be reunited for the first time since Katara and Zuko's wedding at the palace. The Fire Lord walked further untill he reached the garden. There at the turtleduckpond sat a women and a little boy. "Daddy!". The boy stood up and ran to his father. Zuko picked him up. "Hey Mello.". Mello looked with his blue eyes into Zuko's golden ones. 'Katara's eyes, my hair.". He ruffeled his sons hair. "What are you doing."Zuko asked Mello. "Watching the turtleducks with Mommy."Mello answered. The women at the pond looked Zuko's way and motioned him to come to her. He putted Mello back down and walked over to the pond. There he took a seat next to his wife. "No more meetings?"Katara asked. Zuko shook his head. "No more meetings for a whole week."he replied. Katara gave him a smile and rested her head on his shoulder. "Did I already told you that our son has a strange way of firebending?". "What do you mean with strange?"Zuko asked. "Mello?"Katara asked. "Can you show Daddy what you showed me?". "Ofcourse Mommy!". Mello got in his fightingposition and started to bend fire. Zuko's mouth fell open. "That's his favorite move."Katara informed her husband. "He calls it the Fire Octopus.". "Did you learn him you're Octopusmove?". "No."Katara replied. "But we let him watch when we were training. This is not the only waterbendingmove he uses. He imitades us.". Zuko smiled as he watch Mello do a Firefist and what he called a Fire Wave. "He's the perfect mix of us."Zuko said. "Tada!"Mello said when he joined his parents. "How did I do?". "Wonderfull."Katara replied. "If you keep training like that, you become even better then me."Zuko said. "Realy?"Mello asked. "Wait till I tell Uncle Sokka!". "Speaking of your brother, when do you think Suki and he will arrive?". "Well, if everything goes as Sokka had planned, they already have arrived about an houre ago."Katara said. "Should we send some guards to find them?"Zuko suggested. "No."Katara replied. "Sokka has a talent to smell food from miles away. They will reach the city soon.". The ground began to shake and Zuko pulled Mello and Katara closer to him. "An earthqwake!"Mello screamed. "No sweety."Katara said. "It's your aunt Toph.". As on cue, a huge cave shot out of the ground and a women with black hair stepped out of it. "Told you Twinkle Toes."she said looking behind her. "Underground is much faster then flying.". Mello watched how his uncle Aang ran out of the cave screaming: "Air! Beautyfull sweet air! I've missed you so much!". "Excuse me, but I'm your fiancée not the air."Toph replied while she bended a table and some chairs. Then she looked at the Fire Lord and his family. "Sugarqueen! Sparky! Long time no... senced I will say! And you must be Sparky Junior!". "Sparky Junior?"Mello asked. "Toph loves to give everyone nicknames."Zuko informed his son. "Just play along with it.". "Why didn't you come on Appa?"Katara asked. "Because Toph kept complaining about how much she hated flying and that she wanted to travel on her way."Aang explained. "I thought just a calm walk, but no... She had to take the undergroundroute!". "Ow come on. It wasn't that bad."Toph defended her way of traveling. "Ofcourse not! It's much safer to travel underground and run for your life when boulders come to you then a nice calm ride on Appa!". "Be honest, how many times did that from the boulders happend?". "Sixteen times!". "Hey, we just arrived and you two are already fighting!"a voice said. "Look, it's Snoozels and Hunny!"Toph said not even looking their way. "Is it true what I feel?"Toph asked. "Is Suki pregnant?". "Ow Toph! Now you spoiled the suprise!"Sokka said. "I'm gonna be an aunt!"Katara said while hugging her brother and sister-in-law. "Yeah sis."Sokka replied. "Our baby is lucky to have an aunt like you.". "Baby?"Toph asked and started to laugh. "What's so funny?"Suki asked the blind earthbender. "Nothing."she replied. "Just,... it's not a baby. It's actualy babies.". And then Sokka fainted. "Sokka are you alright?"Katara asked, trying to get him back on feet. "Leave him."Suki said. "This was his original reaction when I told him I was pregnant in the first place.". "Realy? When I told Zuko I was pregnant, he first freaked out and then became overprotective.". Sokka got back on his feet. "I'm pregnant too."Toph said. And then fainted again. "What?!"Aang asked, his face pale like a ghost. "Just kidding Twinkle Toes."she said. Then she turned back to the girls. "That's how Aang would react if I was pregnant."she anounced. "We have a strange family."Mello said to his father. "I know."Zuko answered. "But I would never replace one of them.".
Okay this is my entery for the Ultimate Fanfiction Contest! I tried to make it longer but then it hadn't the same effect as it has now. (I read it to my brother to test it.) I also tried to typ without spellerrors but if you see one please tell me. I don't own ATLA, I do own this story and my OC Mello. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Blessed Be

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booknerd94 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
this is really cute!!Sokka would faint. there were a few grammar errors but beside that it was great!
starbreese Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :huggle:
AnimeLoverAimz Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010
Hahahahahaha I love this :lmao: Sokka's reaction and then Aangs at the end :lmao:

But i think u shud write in paragraphs It does help. Also when people are speaking, put them on a seperate line so like this if u dnt understand wat i mean:

"Hi Sokka."
"Hey Katara what you doing?"
"Oh nothing just kicking Zuko's ass at bending."
Lol sorry its just random ^^;
Hope i have helped
starbreese Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, normaly I write in paragraphs but this was for the first contest I entered here on DA and my computer didn't let me edit it...

Anyhow, thanks for the comment! I'm realy glad you liked the story! :huggle:
AnimeLoverAimz Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010
Oh ok lol No problem :huggle:
BrokenByTheDog Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
love it!!!!
starbreese Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
AsiaBreen Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should try writing in paragraphs.
starbreese Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I mostly do, but that's when it's switches between characters. That's why I did it in proza because it stays at the same place.
AsiaBreen Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But it's a lot harder to read that way and very confusing.
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