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27. A fine line

Being raised in the pureblood thoughts of the Black family, Sirius learned at a young age that nothing or nobody was grey. They were either white or black. Good or bad. Accepted or not.
When it rained, there was nothing else to do then take a seat in front of the window and be gloomy all day because you couldn't play outside. When you were sick you got angry at yourself because you had to stay in bed all day while there were hundreds of other things you rather be doing that day.

It took until he met the little Sarah Starnight that this view of Sirius changed. She teached him that how dark the situation may look, there's always this fine silver line at the edge of that black cloud. And that fine silver line became only clearder to the Black boy when he arrived to at Hogwarts.
Nothing became more fun to do on a rainy day then laying on your bed and listen to the newest muggle music. When he did this at his house, it was of course 'smuggled' muggle music...
Being sick was still boring when he was home but at Hogwarts he would always be visited by his friends after their classes. They would all jump on his bed and tell him the events of the day.
Whenever he got in trouble for playing pranks on students or teachers, detention would follow. But he would always be in the company of those same friends who he always managed to convince to go along with another stupid plan of his.  
It's all those fine lines that Sirius made the person he is today. Or to say it with Sarah's words, now he feels every raindrop while in the past he just got wet. And be honest... What's an even brighter fine line of a rainy day then to dance in the heavenly water with the girl you love?
Theme 27 A fine line :) Again some Sirius and Sarah fluff ;) I hope you guys like it :huggle:

I wrote this for the Harry Potter 100 Theme Challenge hosted by the :iconharry-potter-club:. The topics can be found here -> [link]

Don't own Harry Potter, do own this story and all OCs in it.
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awww!! So cute!!
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