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Subject 18 part 5

Desmond's POV
"You sure it's here?"I whispered for the tenth time through the communicationdivise that was linked with Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun who were sitting in one of the vans Gabriël's taskforce provided. I had agreed with Gabriël that I would be the only one joining his team into action while my friends stayed with the techsupport.
"As sure as I'll ever be Desmond."Rebecca snapped. She hated it when people doubted her. "This building has been bought by Abstergo four months ago and after hacking some cameras of stores in the area I spotted Vidic and some of his co-workers. Combine that with the fact the owner of this building gets senden a high electricity bill every month, it's safelly to assume they're keeping Tess here.".
Giving me no time to answer Rebecca, Gabriël gave the go sign telling his agents to move into the building. Shots got fired for a few minutes until Gabriël got a 'clear' from his leading agent in the field. "We're up."he told me and together we walked into the old building.
Here and there were bodies of dead Abstrego agents. The ones who weren't killed were in the middle of getting arrested just as all the medical personal that was present. When we came to the mainroom where the Animus was, I reconised Vidic who was getting handcuffed by one of the agents.
"Desmond?"Gabriël asked me what made me focus my attention back on him. "This building is quite big. It will take atleast twenty minutes to search all rooms. But you can locate Tess quicker by using that eagle vision you told me about. You think you can do that?".
I nodded and took off, rushing past agents in the progress. As Gabriël had suggested, I turned on my eagle vision what allowed me to pick up any energyform around me. I eventually bursted through a door with severall locks on it which my hidden blade took care of. The room behind the door was rather small. The walls were painted in a depressing shade of grey while the only piece of furniture in the room was a single bed.
I immediatly reconised the girl laying on the bed as Tess. She was hooked up on a heartmonitor aswell as a morphine dispenser, the latter making that she was unconscious for the moment. Her clothes were thorn and stained with blood and dirt. Praying we weren't too late, I made my way over towards her and carefully took the needles out of her arm, making her ready for transport.
When her body didn't recieve the morphine anymore, her eyes slowly fluttered open. "Hmmm..."she groaned and looked at me with glazy eyes. "Ezio?"she asked confused on which she fainted again. I picked her up bridal-style what made that she rested her head against my shoulder on reflex. "Don't worry Tess."I whispered to the unconscious girl. "You're safe now.".

"How is she doing?"I asked Lucy a good hour later when we had returned to the old mansion of my ancestors. Gabriël and she had been taking care of Tess ever since we had arrived. "Hard to say."Lucy replied. "Vidic gave Tess high doses of morphine to make sure she wouldn't rebel plus, it seems also that because of the morphine the brain shuts down much slower when the testperson gets into contact with the Animus too much.".
"We found logbooks where Vidic discribes how they kept Tess into that chair for atleast ten hours a day."Gabriël added. "That's why she suffered from headaches when you met her as Helena in the memories of Ezio. It is the first sign her brain is slowly shutting down.".
"Is the damage permanent?"I wanted to know. Lucy shook her head. "We got to her just in time to prevent that from happening."she told me. "The only problem now will be is that her body has to learn how to live again without the morphine. Her headaches will stay too for a while because of the brain that has to recover plus... She has to stay out of the Animus for atleast two weeks.".
I looked at the girl that was still peacefully sleeping on the improvised hospitalbed. Her long wavy, brown culry hair that so much looked like Helena's from in Ezio's memories, was tangled on severall places by the lack of being brushed. "But she'll be okay, right?"I asked no-one in praticular. "She will."Lucy assured me. "It will take some time, but she will.". I nodded. That was all I needed to know.
Got into the Assassins Creed mood again ^^; Hope you guys like it and please don't be afraid to leave a comment. I love feedback :huggle:
Don't own Assassins Creed, do own this story and all OCs in it.
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